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New Safety Skin Harness - No more drilling!!

8 Feb

You finally got to buy the Safety Skin which is one very important product for the Hydroflight Sport. The package arrives and you decide to go finish the install. You open the package and inflate the Safety Skin, then it hits you, you need to drill the ski fender and worse where to drill. To make things worse the probability of scratch the front side of the ski or just behind the fender is high. Well if it's a ski that you had on for quite some time andalready have scratches on, you might not bother but what about a brand new ski.


If you've done a great install and have the safety skin mounted, it's time to go for a spin with the Jet Ski. You don't need the Safety Skin, so you leave it in the garage. What about the dangling straps with buckles on them. Well you either dismount the straps completely or tie them up. One is time consuming and the other is annoying because the buckles keep smashing on the side for the whole ride.


A more faster way without the drilling to mount the Safety Skin is to use the Harness. We have tried and tested it by trying to flip the ski, but the skin remains in place. The harness is very safe when mounted. The ends of the harness are tied to each eyelet on the back and the front of the ski. If for any reason the buckles snap off or you forget to clip them on, the harness will not be sucked up in the tunnel. When not in use, you have nothing attached to the ski.




The harness is available for all ski brands and models. The Buckles that are included in the original Safety Skin pack are required.

The product is availbale on-line at: