Advanced (PRO) Flyboard® Courses

The world-renowned Flyboarding Center sustains a friendly environment coupled with a successful program suitable for rider training at all skill levels. The program includes a schedule coordinating daily activities on and off the water. Riders can choose flyboarding, hoverboarding or jetpack for any or all of their sessions.

Our sessions are dedicated to the success of each rider attending our centre. Flyboard Malta Center has daily sessions that operate all year round.

Every program is excellent for flyboarders of all skill levels and all ages. Flyboard Malta boasts coaches and sea facilities that our customers comment are amongst the best in the industry.

A certificate of completion is award to all riders attending the course.

Course Fees

Courses are priced at €240 per hour of flyboarding. The time in between sessions and analysing the videos are not charged. This is why our training programs are effective and have value for money. The amount of hours are decided by the rider and can be changed at any time. Meaning if you learn fast you can decide to stop. We are not after how much time you book, but what you learn. This is our forte. You will learn as much as you want, we will show you the basics and help you improve or learn tricks that you see in competitions. Upon your return home we will continue to monitor your progress and help you improve. Full equipment including: Jet Ski, Pro Series Flyboard, EMK, Safety Skin, 7mm Bare sport wetsuit, life jacket and communications helmet for on the fly instructions.

Training Program
Airport Pickup
Day 1:
9:00am - Hotel Pickup
9:15am - Plan training program depending on number of days and sessions per day as per your requirement. 
11:00am - Start of sessions
14:00pm - Session Analysis at the office on photos and video taken during each session. 
16:00pm - Hotel Dropoff
(Flyboard Sessions are split in 15min each. This gives the rider time to rest and to analyse the run. Time plan can change depending on the number of sessions per day)
Days planned:
11:00am - Start of Sessions, followed by analysis of training.  
Last night:
Following 4+ hours of training, a Tour of Mdina, the Oldest City of Malta, followed by a traditional dinner will end your training camp.
Airport Dropoff
Course Videos and Photos

Sessions are captured and analysed with your coach on a large screen at the office. Visual Learning Style students can maximize their opportunity for learning through what is often an entertaining viewing. Videos and Photos are transferred to each rider after the training camp is over. Drone footage is also available at an extra cost.

Weather Chart

Weather Chart

Liability Insurance

Each student attending our centre releases Flyboard Malta Ltd. and all affiliates with Flyboard Malta Ltd. including, directors, coaches and employees from any and all liability. It is recommended for riders to be certain all of their own medical insurance policies are in effect as flyboarding and activities performed at Flyboard Malta Ltd are considered extreme in nature and can result in injury. Flyboard Malta Ltd do not provide any insurance coverage to students.