The course is designed for any person wishing to purchase a Flyboard and get a Licence from Transport Malta to operate a Rental Business. Transport Malta will not issue a permit unless the person applying for it is certified as an Instructor from any Zapata Racing Flyboard Instructor.

The course will provide safe, attentive instruction to all customers as they learn to fly the Flyboard, while monitoring other important aspects of the training process, such as fuel levels, life vest fitting, equipment status, etc. Assist with set-up and clean-up before and after training sessions and demonstrate the flying ability of the Flyboard, as necessary.

  • Preparing jet ski and Flyboard for use
  • Flyboard demonstrations for learners, as necessary
  • Equipment and safety overview
  • Operating Electronic Management Kit
  • Communicating with flyers via helmet UHF Radios
  • Monitoring battery levels of radios, transmitter, helmets, etc.
  • Performing water rescues, as necessary
  • Cleaning the Flyboard, flushing unit, washing hose and pack
  • Performing Installation, Pre-use Checks and Maintenance on Flyboard (Interface Plate Bolts, U-Pipe Bolts, Binding Screws, Clamp Bolts and Bearings)
  • Performing routine checks and maintenance on Jet SKi (filling fuel, changing oil, replacing spark plugs, etc.)
  • Packing up the Flyboard

Post training/instruction experience required.

Ownership of a Flyboard (EMK is not required).

  • Transport Malta Boat License is a must
  • CPR certification required
  • Boat, Personal Watercraft experience required

For the completion of the course and certification the student must log 20hours of Flyboard Use. Each entry has to be initialised by a witness.

Flyboard Instructor Course cost: €700.00 (vat incl.)